Critical Material Requirement (CMR)

A tool for requesting critical material between operators on the NCS

The portal is used in situations where there is a risk of production loss due to an absence of critical material. It consists of two functionalities:

1) An online web form for submitting requests
2) A case handling portal for a group of dedicated request handlers from each operator

To access the portal, press the button below:

Please note that requests are mainly processed during normal working hours.

Anyone working for a participating operator on the NCS can register an urgent request for material through this portal in the event of potential production downtime/production loss.

Dedicated personnel within each operator will perform inventory checks to verify potential matches for required material.

How to get access to CMR

Step 1: Visit CMR website

Visit CMR website

If you have a critical material requirement, you can submit it without logging in.

One operator experienced a potential production loss on one of their fields due to lack of critical materials.

The production loss cost was estimated to 50 MNOK per day.

Informal dialogue revealed that another operator had suitable spare parts available. The spare parts were collected offshore and transported by helicopter to the field at risk of production loss.

The issue was resolved, and millions of NOK were saved.


Service Responsible: Yngve Nilsen | | +47 920 54 152