EPIM LogisticsHub (ELH) is a service to manage sharing of tracking information of Cargo Carrying Units and Handling Units

LogisticsHub represents a concept for sharing tracking information on container and equipment levels in the Norwegian offshore industry. The solution is made for managing tracking information of cargo carrying units (CCU`s) and other items to improve the supply chain visibility.

All organizations involved in a logistics operation may share tracking information with LogisticsHub once a CCU or an item is in their custody. Tracking information (such as arriving and departing events etc.) will be captured along the supply chain, stored in the LogisticsHub and made available for access based on predefined access principles.

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LogisticsHub enables increased quality and efficiency

LogisticsHub will enable organizations to utilize relevant tracking information provided by parties involved in a logistic operation to reduce the direct and indirect cost and increase efficiency in the logistics value chain.

The transparency will throughout the complete logistics operation confirm expected progress or provide an early notification of a potential upcoming delay.

– We call it The value of knowing.

By implementing LogisticsHub, we expect logistics in the oil and gas industry to be of an increased quality and much more efficient. In addition, LogisticsHub will create new possibilities for information management with increased focus on HSE. This allows companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to operate more safely, efficiently and competitively.

How to use LogisticsHub

You may communicate with LogisticsHub through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or an Application Programming Interface (API):

  1. The GUI interface enables the user organizastion to share and display information provided by involved stakeholders in the logsitics operation.
  2. The API allows real-time Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and enables you to send and retrieve information to/from LogisticsHub.

The API enables updated information from the LogisticsHub to be exported from and imported directly into your own systems and vice versa.

To get a more in depth understanding of the LogisticsHub please refer to EPIM LogisticsHub User Guide – How to get started.

How to get access to LogisticsHub

If your organization is new to EPIM, please complete the onboarding form on: www.epim.no/onboarding.

If your organization are already using one or more EPIM services the EPIM contract administrators in your company should login to the self service portal and request a new subscription for the LogisticsHub service: https://epim.agiloft.com/logins/epim-login.htm

Visit  Documentaton to integrators for all the necessary information/documentation for the integration with LogisticsHub.

Service Desk

+47 90 28 05 09 (Monday – Friday 0800 – 1600)

Any request outside of the hours will be responded to at the start of the support hours the next day.


Domain Responsible: Tormod Tønnesen | scm-domain@norog.no | +47 909 86 696

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