A service that enables efficient transfer of schedule data between planning tools

The ILAP Schedule Exchange service provides easy and fast sharing of quality planning data both within and between organisations to enable safer, faster and better decisions.

ISO 15926-13:2018 specifies the terminology for asset planning for process plants, including oil and gas production facilities. In addition, it specifies an XML schema for exchange of data used for asset planning.

ILAP interfaces translate the schedules from commercial planning tools to the standard format, readable to other planning tools also equipped with an ILAP interface. By installing the ILAP adapter, the files can be imported and exported to the different tools. The exchange format is based on ISO 15926-13.

At present, ILAP interfaces are available for the following commercial planning tools:

  • SAP
  • Safran
  • Primavera
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MS Project

ILAP Schedule Exchange onepager

Organizational benefits

  • All on- and offshore work in one schedule
  • Spanning from long term (high level schedules) to short terms (work orders and job card) planning
  • Early definition of offshore hot work, work above open sea, pre-shut down, shut down and post-shut down activities
  • Reductions and optimizations of simultaneous activities in an area
    • Provides unambiguous schedule information
    • Avoid cost on manually entering schedule data into multiple systems
    • Uniform methodology on schedule data exchange

Technical benefits

  • Drastic reduction of time and effort for sending and receiving schedule updates
  • Standard for integration of schedules anytime, anywhere
  • High quality of structure of schedule
  • High schedule usability
  • Easier to perform quality assurance, analysis and transfer of experience
    • Helps contractors and suppliers to use in own software as opposed to client software
    • Enhance data quality thus the schedule quality
    • Avoid costly processes establishing new data exchange flows
    • Enables users to themselves establish new data transfer routines
    • Provides documentation of data transfer routines
    • Contributes to a solution that is common to the industry, which reduces costs and follows the technology development
    • Easy adoptable to future IT architecture and tool portfolio
    • Transformative digitalization project, changing the the way we work
    • Provide a path towards instant update of schedules

ILAP Schedule Exchange is a non-basic EPIM service, see “Terms of use“.

The service is currently in a pilot phase, and use is by invitation only. EPIM member companies are welcome to join and may request more information by contacting jvm-domain@norog.no


Domain Responsible: Marit Bjordal | jvm-domain@norog.no | +47 415 41 019