Registration for use of EPIM services

To get access to an EPIM service, the following need to be in place:

Your company has a signed agreement for use of the service Your company is registered in the Identification Application – EPIM ID You have a personal EPIM ID user, identifying you as an employee of your company Your EPIM ID user is granted access to the service

Please choose the statement below that best describes your current situation:

To get access to a Service, your company needs to register and sign a User Agreement. Before you continue with the registration, you should have the following information available:

  • Name and contact details of the two persons that shall act as your Contract Administrator. A Contract Administrator is a person that is authorized to represent your company on a contractual level

Go to the registration form, and fill in information about your company and the service that you want to subscribe to.

Please request your Contract Administrator to log on to the self-service portal and add this service to your company subscription.

Not sure who your Contract Administrator is? Contact (+47 23 26 13 94).

Please request your Company Super User to add you as a user of the service.

If you do not already have an EPIM ID user account, please proceed to EPIM ID for sign-up.

For more information about EPIM ID, please proceed to

Please contact (+47 23 26 13 94). They will provide you with information.