SOIL end of life by end of Q2 2022

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SOIL – A fully managed high-performance communications network hub

The network is built to operate independent from other networks, including internet. It enables operators on the NCS and their business partners and suppliers to do cost effective cross company collaboration without having to establish multiple point-to-point connections.

The network further serves as a communication platform for delivering services that are in common use by the Norwegian petroleum sector, including applications like License2Share, Diskos and others.

The network has a track record of performance and high availability that extends back to 1998. Today, more than 140 registered companies are using the SOIL network for collaboration.

SOIL onepager

Approved SOIL Service Providers

  • Cegal | magnus.gronas(at) | +47 982 82 400
  • EVRY | leveranse.stavanger(at)
  • Speedcast Norway AS | stavanger.admin(at) | +47 51 22 20 00
  • Rignet | sales.norway(at) | +47 51 20 60 12
  • Telenor Maritime  | | +47 37 09 00 00

SOIL Access Policy

Organizations (Participants) can be granted access to SOIL when fulfilling criteria for access below.


Participants which are operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and appearing on the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s FactPages will be granted access at a capacity of up to 10 Giga bit per second if it is correspondingly equipped, through agreement with SSP(s). EPIM reserves the rights to assign a lower capacity to any operator for whom such lower capacity covers its anticipated reasonable requirement.

Non-operating license partners

Participants which are partners in at least one Norwegian production license for petroleum, and appearing on Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s FactPages will be granted access to SOIL at a capacity of up to 1 Giga bit per second. EPIM reserves the right to grant access at another capacity with due consideration to the Participant’s and anticipated requirements.

Suppliers and institutions

Participants which have a relevant business relationship with an operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf may be granted access to SOIL.  Access for such Participants will require an endorsement from at least one operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and a positive assessment by EPIM of the Participant’s relevance and suitability for SOIL access. Participants in this category will be required to provide information on the nature and duration of their business engagements, which justify their participation in SOIL, and to periodically update or reconfirm such information. Participants in this category will generally be granted access at a capacity of up to 1 Giga bit per second.  EPIM reserves the right to grant access at another capacity with due consideration to the Participant’s SSP agreement and anticipated requirements.

Steps required to get access to SOIL

Step 1: Request access to service

If your organisation is new to EPIM, please complete the onboarding form on

When the onboarding form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the User Organisation Administrator from EPIM. Depending on the service(es) requested, the User Organisation Administrator may need additional information.

If your organization is already subscribing to one or more EPIM services, please contact your organization’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your organisation’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM is, please contact EPIM User Organisation Administrator:

Step 2: Choose SOIL Service provider

The SOIL user community (Participants) connects to the SOIL network via one or more EPIM approved SOIL Service Providers. The Service Providers have a similar role in SOIL network as Internet Service Providers have on the Internet, but where the SOIL Service Providers also provide additional security services, including a mandatory SOIL firewall service.

Please read the Guide – Establishing Access to SOIL. Next, send a quotation to relevant SOIL Service Providers, where EPIM recommends using the standard Word template Request template – SOIL Access Service.


For technical support, contact your chosen SOIL Service Provider

Cegal: | +47 52 04 00 00
EVRY: | +47 23 26 13 72
Speedcast Norway AS:  | +47 51 22 20 00
Jakob Hatteland Solutions: | +47 810 20 060
RigNet: | +47 800 41 660
Telenor Maritime: | +47 917 77 755

For other issues

EPIM: | +47 959 88 438