Surplus Marketplace

A service enabling operators to outsource the whole marketing and sales process of surplus material to a professional third party sales organization with an extensive network to potential buyers

Marketing and expediting of surplus and excess materials is not considered core activity for the operators. The main goal for the Surplus Marketplace service is to enable the operators to:

  • Increase material turnover
  • Reduce OPEX (for example storage/warehouse cost)
  • Maximise material value through sales
  • Gain positive environmental impact

The standard sales process includes:

  • Establish the optimal sales tactic for the specific Surplus material
  • Quality assurance of received documentation/information on Surplus material received from operator
  • Perform sales, including administration of customs clearance, invoicing and payments

The current service provider uses the sales portal Retrade online auction for marketing the surplus material towards potential buyers.

The two applications are exchanging data, giving the operators full overview of all surplus material sales and all necessary documentation supporting compliance requirements.

How to get access to Surplus Marketplace

The service is only available for EPIM members, being the operators on NCS.

If your organization is already subscribing to one or more EPIM services, please contact your organization’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the Surplus Marketplace service for your company.

If you do not know who your organization’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM is, please contact EPIM Onboarding team:


Support for Assetfront users: | +47 21 42 10 11

Customer support for buyers and general questions regarding auctions at Retrade: | +47 23 89 75 40

Opening hours: 0800 – 1600

Service Responsible: Yngve Nilsen | | +47 920 54 152