Terms for Services

General terms

Below is the General terms document, providing common terms applicable for all services.

 Name  Current version  Previous version
 General terms  October 2019  July 2018

Special terms for use of each service

Contains provisions that adjust, amend or supersede provisions of the General terms.

 Service  Current version  Previous version
 EnvironmentHub  November 2018  September 2017
 EPIM ID  January 2020  April 2018
 EPIM JQS  October 2019  July 2018
 EqHub  November 2018  September 2017
 ERA Acute Software  October 2019
 Gas Sales Tax Reporting  September 2017
 HuRi  December 2019
 ILAP Schedule Exchange  May 2019  January 2018
 License2Share  July 2018  September 2017
 LogisticsHub  November 2018  September 2017
 Norwegian Deepwater Programme  September 2017
 Outcrop  September 2017
 ReportingHub  February 2020  September 2017
 SOIL  May 2017  March 2016
 Surplus Marketplace  March 2019
 Virtual Inventory  Aug 2020

For information about fees, refer to www.epim.no/fees