The JQS (Joint Qualification System) Verification audits provide a useful tool for identifying strong and weak areas regarding suppliers’ HSE performance.

A working group consisting of representatives from Centrica, ConocoPhillips, Edison, Shell and Statoil, together with EPIM Administration, has collected, structured and analysed the results of almost 650 JQS Verification HSE audits performed in the period 2011 – 2016. The intention of performing this review is to draw conclusions, facilitate experience transfer and to utilize relevant data for continuous improvement purposes.


In general, feedback from the auditors indicates that suppliers with management systems well anchored at senior level have a more visible and robust HSE culture. However, 5 main areas have been prioritized for improvements:

  • Compliance with requirements
  • Follow-up of sub-contractors
  • Environmental management, including handling of chemicals
  • Investigations and reporting of major incidents
  • Security

The industry downturn has caused many suppliers to downsize and restructure their organizations. To ensure that future delivery capability and robustness are maintained, the importance of the JQS Verification audits has increased even more.

About JQS Verification

JQS Verification is a part of the JQS service, a basic service in EPIM’s service portfolio.

The oil and gas operators nominate suppliers with the objective to verify the suppliers’ management system towards defined QHSE standards. EPIM is coordinating JQS Verification audits on behalf of the oil and gas operators.

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