Tuesday 24 May, the fifth Eni EPIM forum meeting was held, to discuss and inform about matters concerning EPIM and EPIM’s services


When EPIM was established in November 2007, the service portfolio consisted of one service, License2Share. Today EPIM manages and operates 15 services, for and in cooperation with the member companies.

To coordinate the internal work more efficiently in Eni Norge, candidates representing each of EPIM’s five domains of services were invited to join an internal EPIM Forum in November 2015. The General Assembly representative coordinates and calls for EPIM forum meetings to discuss and agree on matters concerning EPIM, as they arise.

Some of the matters for the forum to consider

  • Candidates to the Board of Directors, Advisory Boards og Reference Groups
  • Proof of Concepts and input to business cases
  • Budgets
  • Matters subject for approval by the General Assembly
  • Contract management issues



Internally, the EPIM forum enables an efficient, streamlined coordination of activities and formal handling and documentation of activities.

Establishing an internal EPIM Forum is an important means of enabling our member companies to capitalize the value from EPIM’s services, as intended. It is also an important means in terms of being an arena where it is possible for EPIM to attend and exchange information, when relevant.

We know for a fact that several other member companies also are considering establishing their own internal EPIM fora, which is very good news.


We experience that a coordination of EPIM matters through an internal EPIM forum has given us a better total overview and several synergy effects. It has furthermore made us able to present confident recommendations to relevant decision makers if/when required.

Anita Haugen Skjæveland,
EPIM General Assembly representative, Eni Norge