Establishment of EPIM’s services in EPIM Central Datacentre is progressing as planned. Initially, LogisticsHub was transferred, with a successful move of ReportingHub this last weekend. All services will be transferred to the new datacentre in a controlled way, one at the time. 


EPIM Central Datacentre

EPIM celebrates 10 years in 2017. Since the start, the service portfolio has grown in both number and complexity. At the same time, it has become increasingly demanding to sufficiently monitor all deliverables in an efficient manner.

Following a market evaluation from August 2016 to June 2017, we are now in a process to strengthen the delivery of the underlying infrastructure platform for our services. This is achieved by establishing a common EPIM datacentre, delivered as Infrastructure as a Service by Cegal. This adjustment of our operations model is an enabler for a standardized quality, security and service level of the operating platform across EPIM’s services, in a cost-effective manner.

Communication regarding the move of each service will be made through the respective reference group, and super-users.

Contact information
Egil André Knutsen
Operations Responsible
+47 414 04 017