The final stage of the EEH Project, Phase 3, is now completed, and ready for the operators to report environmental data within the deadline 15 March.

The EEH project objective has been to develop a solution that substitutes the previous solution, EnvironmentWeb. The solution shall reduce the operators’ efforts and costs connected to reporting environmental data as much as possible. At the same time the solution shall comply with authority regulations, by providing the authorities with timely high quality information.

Since July, the EEH development project has been progressing through three phases:

Phase 1 Analytics module – Delivered 30 September 2015
Phase 2 Reporting module – Delivered 15 December 2015
Phase 3 Complete training and deliver remaining functionality of the solution – Delivered 1 March 2016

During the whole project period, development work and testing has been performed in close cooperation with a group of operators and representatives from the authorities.

So far, the feedback from the involved parties has been unconditionally positive, with regards to both functionality and usability, and the reporting has proceeded as expected.