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A project for simplifying identity  management in the oil and gas industry

EPIM has signed an agreement with ATEA for establishing an identity and authentication service called EPIM ID.

EPIM ID will provide consolidated user accounts management and user authentication services across EPIM’s service portfolio, and enable EPIM to deliver secure access to EPIM’s applications via Internet.

EPIM ID will be built based on re-using existing products and services available in the marketplace and is designed to support a possible extension and potential adoption by other non-EPIM applications.

The establishment project starts August 2017.

The adoption of EPIM ID by EPIM’s applications starts from the end of 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
EPIM ID Introduction (presentation)


Service Responsible: Alexander Tungesvik | it-domain@epim.no | +47 959 88 438
EPIM ID Project Manager: Trygve Christiansen | tc@epim.no | +47 475 00 621