A project for simplifying identity  management in the oil and gas industry

EPIM has initiated a project for establishing a cross organizational identity management solution that can be used in web applications used for cross company information sharing in the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The solution has three main components

Identity provider

  • Functionality and lifecycle processes for issuing and maintaining the EPIM eID
  • Designed to become an industry ID, but first to be taken into use in EPIM’s own application suite
  • eID owned and managed by employer organisation
  • A person’s company email address is the username
  • Organisations enrol their email domain(s) and associated users in EPIM ID
  • Authentication based on software tokens, either as a mobile phone token (APP) or as a Windows token
  • Accessible both from Internet and SOIL

 Organization, user and application management

Includes functionality and lifecycle processes for handling lifecycle of:

  • Organisations
  • Users
  • Application integrations for applications using EPIM ID

Web portal

A simple web portal available on both Internet and SOIL enabling users to:

  • Signing up for an EPIM eID
  • Access a dashboard with access to web applications provided by your employer and that is integrated with EPIM ID

Web applications can choose to use EPIM ID as the only authentication method, or use it in a combination with other.

EPIM have established a EPIM ID Reference Group supporting the EPIM ID project. Currently the group has representatives from seven of EPIM’s member companies.


Domain Responsible: Roar Vika | it-domain@epim.no | +47 950 98 750
EPIM ID Project Manager: Trygve Christiansen | tc@epim.no | +47 475 00 621