Thursday 30 March 2017, EPIM is hosting a workshop on risk management and information sharing in the licenses.


Gather members, authorities and other stakeholders to discuss:

  • Needs and opportunities related to sharing of standardized information for sound risk management in the licenses
  • Consider a possible future common service for efficient information exchange and management among operators and partners on the NCS


  • Introduction – Summary of the industry initiative, outline business case for EPIM RiskHub
  • Standardization and digitalization – Common understanding and format
  • Verification of business case benefits – Needs and opportunities

About EPIM RiskHub

On request from a group of EPIM members autumn 2016, an outline business case for a common solution for risk management in the licenses on the NCS was drafted. The preliminary working title was EPIM RiskHub. A final business case will be completed during the first half of 2017. Based on the final business case, the operators, together with Norwegian Oil and Gas and the authorities, will decide whether to initiate EPIM RiskHub as a project, subsequently a potential new service on the NCS, executed and operated by EPIM.

”In light of the current industry challenges, we are were pleased to raise the topic of risk management on behalf of the stakeholders on the common EPIM arena. Information management in this regards is vital to ensure safe and efficient operations on the NCS.”

Tor-Inge Gran
QHSE Domain Responsible in EPIM