The industry and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) have agreed that from 1 January 2016, the format for all monthly production reporting to the NPD shall be performed on a new standard format, the MPRML format.

EPIM is responsible for maintaining the standard and has, upon request from the members, developed EPIM ReportingHub (ERH), which receives and distributes daily and monthly reports to the authorities and the partners.

In collaboration with the NPD, EPIM has communicated with all the operators during their internal projects to change the reporting format from the old COPEX format to the more modern XML based MPRML format. The transformation projects are in progress for all the companies, and EPIM contributes with MPRML support and assistance in configuring and testing. The first companies: BP, Dong, Engie, ExxonMobil and Repsol, have now completed the set-up and have successfully tested the monthly report, and will set up and configure the daily production reports. Other operating companies are in the final stages of testing, both their monthly and daily reports.