A technical information repository for operators, contractors and suppliers

EqHub gives access to pre-qualified, classified and quality assured information when needed.

EqHub provides a technical information library for standard equipment according to ISO 15926. Information is entered by the supplier and through a verification process. The validity of the documentation is guaranteed through an annual process that imposes the suppliers to verify that their documentation is updated and according to ISO 15926. If so, an EqHub certification is given to the relevant supplier and in EqHub for relevant equipment documentation.

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EqHub may be used as an internal product catalogue, in which products have been verified against common requirements. The equipment information is organized in classes.

Benefits for members throughout the supply chain:

  • Operators that use EqHub will benefit from a cost effective solution which results in improved quality of information in a shorter amount of time
  • Contractors will reduce their effort in information expediting, compilation and delivery
  • Suppliers deliver information “once and for all” which will reduce their delivery efforts significantly and give them a competitive edge due to reduced documentation costs

Currently all suppliers have free access to enter and review own information in EqHub. It is not required for suppliers to have a paid subscription plan to become an EqHub member.

Standard information requirements


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Steps required to get access to EqHub

Step 1: Fill in the EqHub Orderform
Fill in and submit the EqHub Orderform to scm-domain@epim.no

Step 2: When orderform is received
You will receive information with regards to initial activities

Step 3: Access, appropriate training and support
Will be completed in agreement with you as part of initial activities


“We believe that EqHub will succeed in making standard documentation for standard products, available for end-users, in an easy an efficient way. We also consider registering our standard products in EqHub as a positive marketing move.”

Kenneth Hovelsen, Regional Sales Manager at Bartec Technor

“EqHub collects all products within the oil- & gas industry in one database. This is both convenient and efficient.”

“The EqHub support team gives outstanding support! They are kind and helpful, and follow up all our inquiries. The support is professional and they provide good supervision and verification of the products we enter into the database.”

Birgit Fladby, CAD Technician at Stahl-Syberg AS

“As a supplier of integrated communication systems Zenitel supports the EqHub concept of entering data for a part only once. This ensures that the data for this part is only entered and maintained once without the risk of redundant data or data submitted for the same product that are inconsistent. Also it saves a lot of resources both at end customers, suppliers and manufacturers delivering, maintaining and reviewing the same information over and over again.”

“From a supplier perspective the EqHub database is very easy to use and update via the comprehensive web interface. It requires no expert knowledge and every supplier no matter how big or small they are can maintain data in EqHub. I will say, that if you as a private person are able to submit your tax form via the internet, you are also able to maintain data in EqHub.”

“EqHub is a golden opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to present their solutions for information and selection by end customers.”

Jens Hagemann-Petersen, Project Manager at Zenitel



Membership administration: administration@eqhub.no
General user inquiries and application support: support@eqhub.no
Domain Responsible: Marit Bjordal | scm-domain@epim.no | +47 415 41 019

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