A new release of EqHub is now available. The new release provides the opportunity for simplified login through a new single-sign-on functionality.

The generic single-sign-on solution is developed in cooperation with Aker Solutions, and can also be configured for other user organizations.

Facts about EqHub

With EqHub the Norwegian oil and gas industry started a digitalization process and standardization of equipment information and documentation nearly ten years ago.

EqHub gives access to pre-qualified, classified and quality assured equipment information when needed, providing a technical information library for standard equipment according to ISO 15926.

Operators that use EqHub  benefit from a cost effective solution with improved quality of information in a shorter amount of time. Contractors reduce their effort in information expediting, compilation and delivery. Suppliers deliver information “once and for all” which reduce their delivery efforts significantly and give them a competitive edge due to reduced documentation costs.

For more information about EqHub, visit our EqHub-pages.