A service for training providers to register training activity

From May 2010, all participants having completed the basic safety and emergency preparedness courses (GSK) and refresher course (GSK rep.) shall be recorded in the General Safety Training register. All training providers, which are approved according to Norwegian Oil and Gas’ guideline 002, records all participants who have completed the GSK and GSK rep. courses in the register. EPIM has the overall responsibility for the General Safety Training database, and uses Mintra as supplier.

A qualification and audit system

In December 2011, Norwegian Oil and Gas introduced a new qualification and audit system for providers of safety and emergency training courses. Norwegian Oil and Gas manages the system on behalf of the operating companies. All course centers that delivered courses in accordance with Norwegian Oil and Gas guideline 002 Guidelines for safety and emergency preparedness training and associated curricula, were transferred to this new approval scheme. A transitional period of 5 years was defined before all centers must be assessed by Norwegian Oil and Gas. The guideline requires course providers to have a system for registering all course participants who complete basic safety and emergency preparedness training (GSK) in a joint database.

Approval of course providers

The following process applies for approval of course providers in connection with safety and preparedness training:

  • Course provider applies to Norwegian Oil and Gas for approval to provide courses in accordance with Norwegian Oil and Gas “Guideline 002 – Recommended guidelines for safety and preparedness training” and associated curricula. Information concerning the application process can be found in Norwegian Oil and Gas’ qualification and audit scheme for providers of safety and preparedness training
  • Norwegian Oil and Gas carries out a qualification process, and issues an approval resolution to the centre
  • Norwegian Oil and Gas informs EPIM of any changes in status for providers of basic safety and preparedness training (GSK) and refresher courses. Change in status means e.g. if a provider loses approval as a provider of GSK, or if a new provider is approved
  • EPIM instructs the provider of the GSK database, Mintra, to add a course provider
  • Course provider (with named users) are entered by Mintra
  • Mintra sends a notification to course providers that they have been registered in the database, with a copy to EPIM

In those cases where a course provider is to be removed from the database, for whatever reason, Mintra will notify the relevant course provider, with a copy to EPIM.

For more information and access to necessary documentation, visit Norwegian Oil and Gas’ website. Here you can also find an overview of approved courses and course providers. 

Have you lost your General Safety Training card?

If a General Safety Training card is lost, use the certificate issued by the specific training provider as confirmation of valid training. For information about a new card, contact the training provider.


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