EPIM has signed an agreement with Achilles for JQS on behalf of the NCS operators.

Individual members of the Achilles Steering Committee brought spring 2014 forward the recommendation to transfer the management of the JQS (Joint Qualification System) contracts to EPIM. This is considered both a risk mitigation process and an opportunity for NCS operators.

In their extraordinary meeting 6 May, EPIM General Assembly agreed to include JQS as a new addition to EPIM’s portfolio of basic services. This decision is clearly in line with EPIM’s mandate and strategic roadmap. The participating companies with existing individual agreements with Achilles signed a unified proxy, authorizing EPIM to act on behalf of the companies towards Achilles until EPIM had signed one common contract with Achilles.


Today, EPIM signed a new agreement with Achilles on behalf of EPIM’s members. The agreement replaces the individual JQS agreements for the NCS operators.

From the left: Ove Ryland (Executive Director, EPIM) and James Palmer (Director of Strategy and Commercial Development, Achilles Information Limited).