An official communication and archiving tool for administrative interaction on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

License2Share was established by the predecessor to the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, OLF, at the turn of the century. It was created by a group of individuals who believed that Joint Venture Management could be done much more securely and efficiently than the manual processes at the time allowed. Over the course of just a couple of years it gained popularity until it quickly became the standard tool for managing joint ventures on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

License2Share is designed to meet the requirements for information handling as stated in the Joint Venture Agreements. Joint venture management affects the whole lifecycle of a field and all parts of the organization. The use of License2Share is based on acceptance of and adherence to policy principles and common work processes. The Norwegian Oil and Gas recommends use of License2Share for all formal joint venture communication and archiving.

License2Share onepager

About 6200 users

License2Share currently serves about 6200 users and contains information about over 500 active joint ventures, divided in three main categories:

  • Production Licenses
  • Business Arrangement Areas (BAAs)
  • Transport and Utilization Facilities (TUFs)

License2Share is also offered internationally, as a collaborative solution.

License2Share Authorities

License2Share offers a dedicated joint venture for authority communication called “Authorities”. The Authorities joint venture is a safe electronic communication channel between the authorities and licensees on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Steps required to get access to License2Share

Step 1: Contact EPIM for signing of necessary documents

Step 2: Contact the Joint Venture Coordinator in the license where your company should be added (for partners)

The Joint Venture Coordinator will then send an order to License2Share Servicedesk to have your company added as partner. If you don’t know who is the Joint Venture Coordinator in the license of interest, please contact EPIM at mail(at)

Step 3: Get access to SOIL

License2Share is only available via the secure SOIL network. Clarify with you company’s IT department whether your company is already on SOIL. If not, then follow the SOIL access procedures defined on our SOIL pages.


Support: License2Share support (self care portal for superusers) | +47 51 22 26 22
Domain Responsible: Marit Bjordal | | +47 415 41 019
End user support: Contact company superuser (see overview on License2Share support site)

License2Share Login

Requires SOIL access.