The LogisticsHub project started in April 2013, as a response to the challenges of tracking logistics in the oil and gas industry. It represents a concept for sharing tracking information for Cargo Carrying Units and equipment.

LogisticsHub went into operation in July 2016 and is now ready to be adopted by the companies. Information about how to prepare for using LogisticsHub is available on our LogisticsHub pages.

ELH journey

LogisticsHub enables a number of benefits:

  • Enables the logistics operations to become more efficient
  • Allows companies to operate more safe, efficient and competitive
  • Simplifies the management of Cargo Carrying Units throughout the supply chain
  • Makes search mechanisms for lost and delayed goods more effective
  • Increases data quality
  • Improves planning data and processes by a predictable cargo flow

Sharing logistics information between organizations is made possible by use of standards and a common understanding of the shared information.