This summer EPIM has run a student project to develop a user interface for a web browser and/or as an app. The intention with the project has been to demonstrate the opportunities that lies within EPIM’s ReportingHub.

ReportingHub contains a triple store database, receiving, storing and distributing daily drilling reports as well as daily and monthly production reports. EPIM manages standardized formats for both the drilling and production domains. ReportingHub also holds the capability to generate tailored reports, via SPARQL queries.

By designing and building a web based user interface, the project has given a glimpse of ReportingHub’s capabilities of presenting data across the drilling and production domains and across all fields where an oil company holds ownership, either as an operator or as a partner.

This is a valuable contribution in demonstrating the benefits of standardized data formats and common data hubs. We will use the outcome of this project as a kick-start in discussions with our members to further increase the value capture from ReportingHub.

The project has delivered the expected outcome, on time, under budget and has some elegant features that we appreciate. It has been a pleasure to work with the dedicated team of students executing the project.

“It’s impressive what the students have achieved in only seven weeks. They have shown that production and drilling data from ReportingHub may be made accessible in a simple and intuitive way. For us, as an operator and a partner, this makes us able to get a quick overview of all our internal interests on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Such a solution will increase the value of information in ReportingHub.»

 Operator that participated in the summer project 2016

The “ReportingHub Web Interface” demo will be made available on our ReportingHub web pages.

In the picture, from the left: Andreas Hove, Kjell Arne Hellum, Olav Revheim (EPIM), Ingrid Oliversen and Christian Sørseth