The concept of tailored report subscription from ReportingHub

We are currently running a student project to develop a user interface for a web browser and/or as an app. The intention is to make the user able to download tailored reports, generated by various SPARQL queries, to demonstrate the functionality of the ReportingHub triple store. In cooperation with Capgemini, four students are assigned to work with the project.

Part of the project scope:

  • Get a rough overview of oil-field terminology and production data types
  • Get an high-level understanding of ReportingHub and the reporting formats
  • Develop user stories for the use of the project output
  • Develop, test and present an app/a web application
  • Prepare user documentation

Sharing information, improving efficiency and enabling innovation

The project supports the part of our vision to meet the expectations for sharing information, improving efficiency and enabling innovation.

The project will run until 5 August.

For more information about ReportingHub, visit the ReportingHub webpages.

In the picture: Stine Tuxen and Olav Revheim, project responsibles in EPIM, and the students kicking off the project