Today, the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s Legal Committee had the transfer of “Guide to resource regulations – Good governance” to EPIM on it’s agenda.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE), the Norwegian Oil and Gas in 2013 initiated a work to establish an electronic tool for good governance in the petroleum sector. With many new players on the NCS, the MPE experienced that the companies’ understanding of the law and regulations, contracts and licensing work often was incomplete and diverse. On this basis, the Norwegian Oil and Gas’ Legal Committee decided to establish a work group. Autumn 2014, the work group delivered a digital solution where all the information available within the resource regulations were gathered. The regulations were made available on Norwegian Oil and Gas’ website.

Autumn 2015 EPIM Administration received a formal request from Norwegian Oil and Gas to incorporate the guide to resource regulations in EPIM’s portfolio of services. This is part of the cooperation between Norwegian Oil and Gas and EPIM, and a natural distribution of tasks, EPIM being the operative organization.

EPIM General Assembly decided in their meeting 26 November to incorporate the “Guide to resource regulations – Good governance” in EPIM’s portfolio of basic services.

The content will continue to be maintained and developed by the Norwegian Oil and Gas’ Legal Committee.

“ Norwegian Oil and Gas Association is very satisfied with EPIM taking over the ownership and the technical development of this solution. Such development is important and necessary to make the solution more user friendly and adjusted to future demands. Furthermore, this solution will be integrated with EPIM’s portifolio of services, especially important is L2S. This will secure a wider use with personnel, as of today not only lawyers, but license committee members, license coordinators, portifolio managers and geologists and many other professions.”   

Oluf Bjørndal
Legal Manager, Norwegian Oil and Gas