Capturing industry needs

 – How to introduce new initiatives in EPIM

One of our core capabilities is to facilitate industry innovation from cradle to grave. The process of introducing new initiatives in EPIM has now been formalized and more transparent.

A form has been developed to be completed by each operator, group of operators or Norwegian Oil and Gas, on behalf of the operators. According to our Articles of Association, minimum two operators must commit to start a pre-project.

We follow the initiative through all the steps towards potentially becoming a part of EPIM’s portfolio of services.

A Word-version of the form is also available.



Fields marked * are mandatory.


Company name *

Contact person
(name and position)*

Contact e-mail*

Contact mobile phone*

Title of the initiative
(one line covering the initiative)*

Detailed description of the initiative
(clear and concise description of the initiative)*

Business process(es) supported by the initiative
(which part of the internal value chain is affected, and will the initiative represent a replacement or a new/added need etc.?)*

Expected benefits from implementing the initiative
(what will the company/industry gain from this initiative, eg. cost reduction, standardization, information sharing, increased efficiency, reduced manual handling, etc.?)*

Desired timeline for completion of the initiative
(when must/should the initiative be completed for use?)*

Descripton of the stakeholders involved/affected by the initiative
(both internal/external stakeholders, eg. operators, partners, suppliers, contractors, authorities, etc.)*

Anchoring of the initiative
(company initiative/personal initiative?)*

Have alternative initiatives been considered?
(if yes, please provide a brief description of any other initiatives/solutions/tools considered, any internal/external parties involved)*

Is company willing/able to contribute with qualified resources?
(if yes, please provide a brief description of the contribution, e.g. business case development/scope definition)*

Other relevant information
(e.g. ongoing communication/dialogue with any named party, any constraints/assumptions not mentioned, etc.)*