Registration for use of EPIM’s services – Process overview

Please allow approx. 3 – 4 working days for the company registration (A) and registration of primary users.

A – Company registration

B – New user registration




Who: Your contract administrator

Company registers for EPIM’s services.

  • Company signs contract for EPIM’s general terms and the relevant services

Note: Company’s two primary users are registered in EPIM ID and for service(s) as part of the company’s registration

How to … and contact:
+47 51 63 00 36



Who: You + your EPIM ID administrator

User authentication service for all EPIM’s services.

  • New user performs sign-up and applies for EPIM ID
  • Company’s EPIM ID administrator approves new user to EPIM ID
  • New user authenticates him/herself using available authentication options

How to … and contact:
+47 51 63 00 36



Who: Your service super user

New user registration in the relevant EPIM service.

  • New user contacts the company’s super user for the relevant EPIM service
  • Company super user for the service registers the new user in the service
  • New user signs in to service, using link provided. See also “Services” menue above

How to … and contact:
See specific EPIM service page in “Services” menue above

Registration for use of EPIM services involves the following:

Comany registration (A)

This includes signing relevant contracts with EPIM and requesting access to the service(s) your company’s staff need to use. In addition, your company’s primary contacts are registered for login and use of the service(s) as your company super users.

Once the above is completed, you can proceed with …

New user registration (B)

Registration of your company’s users for access to the EPIM services.