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A webmap service to improve coexistence between the fishing, oil and seismic industries

SAM-X is designed to assist anyone involved in planning and executing seismic surveys experts on the NCS by 1) Making available relevant information from the Institute of Maritime Research and the Directorate of Fisheries to allow the personnel involved in seismic planning aware of activities that may influence the seismic survey,  2) Supporting the preparation of the notification to the NPD in SAM-X, 3) Accessing information of completed, planned and ongoing seismic activities, 4) Providing information to the fisheries by sharing information on ongoing seismic activity and the location of subsea installation and abandoned wells (this information is also made available for download to map plotters) and 5) Providing valuable information to the fishery experts onboard the seismic vessels.

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Supports the seismic planning process and shares oil related information with the fisheries

SAM-X is a webmap tailored to support the seismic planning process and to share oil related information with the fisheries. Yet, at the same time, the map infrastructure is built so that the EPIM GIS Hub can easily accommodate any geographically based information sharing between two or more oil companies or even external parties.

The SAM-X infrastructure is located on the SOIL network, enabling secure information sharing between the oil companies. The core of SAM-X is a GIS (Geographical Information System) that is able to generate and present map layers on ISO standard formats (WMS, WFS), commonly used map formats such as Shape as well as xl and xml data from a standard SQL database.

Steps required to get access to SAM-X

For information gathering
Enter the open SAM-X website.

For entering seismic plans

If your organisation is new to EPIM, please complete the onboarding form on

When the onboarding form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the User Organisation Administrator from EPIM. Depending on the service(es) requested, the User Organisation Administrator may need additional information.

If your organization is already subscribing to one or more EPIM services, please contact your organization’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your organisation’s Contract Administrator towards EPIM is, please contact EPIM User Organisation Administrator:


Support: SAM-X support
Domain Responsible: Marit Bjordal | | +47 415 41 019

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