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Standardization Initiative Project

A project for standard information and documentation to be delivered with the physical equipment

The purpose of STI project is to establish and reduce common industry requirements for supplier equipment. STI results will be delivered as a part of NORSOK Z-TI, and later for co-ordination internationally with IOGP/JIP33, ISO, IEC and CHIFOS.

The concept of STI is to identify common industry standard requirements; information and documentation for various equipment types to be delivered with the physical equipment. The objective is to enable cost reduction in project execution and operations.

Today there exist a wide use of both Norwegian standards, international standards and company specific standards only available in document format (PDF). The STI concept will meet industry need for standardization and digitalization

The STI Steering committee and STI Reference group meets on a monthly basis to define the STI scope, ensure project progress, clarifications and stakeholder management. Working groups for each discipline are established with representatives from operators, contractors and suppliers. Each Discipline Work Group will establish the requirements for documents and attributes/properties for each equipment type in scope.

The result of STI will be delivered through NORSOK-ZTI in Z-018 revision. In the extension of NORSOK ZTI a digital framework will be made available.

For further, detailed, technical information about the project, please follow this link

EPIM Administration

Responsible: Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen
+47 419 17 395