According to the Pollution Control Act, the operators have now successfully reported their emissions and discharges in EPIM EnvironmentHub (EEH) within the deadline 15 March.

The feedback from both the operators and the authorities is that the reporting process has worked as expected, and that all inquiries related to reporting have been followed up and handled promptly.

“The Norwegian Environment Agency uses EEH for example to extract and disseminate data to the public. We also use the data to monitor how the petroleum industry meets regulatory requirements regarding the environment. The Norwegian Environment Agency has ordered the operators to use EEH to report their data to us. So far, experience shows that the solution is very easy to use, both because the interface is good and because data download is fast. The support has been working well.”

Ingeborg Rønning
The Norwegian Environment Agency

“The data for discharges and emissons from EEH are used as input to our yearly environmental report to be published in the beginning of June 2016. The new EEH is a very user friendly application. Interface is easy to understand and use, and even large data tables are retrieved in a fraction of a second.”

Egil Dragsund
Norwegian Oil and Gas


“Development of new reporting system for environmental data from autumn 2015 until the operational phase in March 2016 has gone very quickly. The result is a system that works well and is intuitive, fast and easy to use with many useful features. We are kept informed along the way of progress, and has had an opportunity to test the system along the way. Improvements and inclusion of features and bug fixes have been handled instantly and we have received good support. As a result, annual report for 2015 went very well.”

Ingvild Eide-Haugmo
Statoil Petroleum AS