A collaborative arena
for the oil and gas industry

The vision

By the industry, for the industry

We are a non-profit membership association, established in November 2007 and governed by the operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Our ambition is to be a trustworthy and reliable collaboration arena for the Norwegian petroleum industry.

We provide a toolbox of solutions and services defined by and for our members. Our capabilities support the demand for facilitating collaboration, sharing information, improving efficiency and enabling innovation.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate cost effective services and solutions for collaboration and information sharing within the oil and gas industry.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to have a continuous and dedicated industry focus on cost efficiencies and that cost effective operations in a long-term perspective is deemed sustained, independent of oil price fluctuations.

Our main priorities

  • Establish adequate anchoring within the member companies’ own organizations for them to capitalize on opportunities which are provided through EPIM’s services and solutions
  • Provide a portfolio of services that ensures effective and efficient collaboration within oil and gas stakeholders on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Visualize the benefits that are achieved by the industry collaborative approach
  • Capture global synergies and efficiencies, by utilizing the services and solutions outside the Norwegian Continental Shelf, on request from members

The purpose

The purpose is to define the vision and values that defines us and characterizes EPIM as an organization and describe what we as an organisation believe in. Based on EPIM’s overall strategy, defined in our strategy document, the values should underpin the perception we want the outside world to have of us.

Internal branding

By focusing on a few guidelines for behavior, we will be able to cultivate the desired organizational EPIM culture. Internal branding creates engaged employees, and promotes consistency between the employee’s values and the organization’s values.

The vision and value platform:

Our vision

By the industry, for the industry

  • Our goals are ambitious and applies throughout our entire operation
  • We are the collaboration facilitator for the Norwegian petroleum industry
  • We provide a standardized, secure, innovative and cost effective toolbox of solutions and services meeting industry needs and subsequently supporting license to operate

Our core values

Our culture embodies a number of values. These values are fundamental to our identity and shall not be compromised. They represent the qualities, attitudes and behaviour, which shall characterize the organization.

Below are values we embrace, that we believe will contribute to meeting our objectives.


  • We recognize and reward individual contribution and performance
  • We have an open and clear communication, based on confidence and trust, accepting each other’s individuality
  • We work together to create value for EPIM’s members
  • We act according to EPIM’s values, respecting decisions once they have been made


  • We are innovative and inventive, continually on the lookout for applying existing information
  • We embrace change; we don’t resist it
  • We are responsive to our members’ expectations while challenging existing boundaries


  • We deliver on promises
  • We work diligently to achieve best practice


  • We are making relevant information easily accessible to everyone, communicating the right documentation at the right time by the right person

 Our promises

Our promises defines what are the most important priorities and commitments we undertake as an organisation. Our promises are linked to our vision and values:

  • We shall facilitate the best possible flow of information between operators, partners, authorities and other stakeholders
  • We shall be the industry collaboration arena for innovative and cost efficient IT solutions
  • We shall support business and compliance requirements as outlined by our members

Our mission

The mission explains what is our primary duty and what is important to get it done.

  • We deliver cost effective services and solutions for collaboration and information sharing within the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

The purpose

The purpopse is to describe how each member of the organisation shall behave in their day to day work. The code of conduct is consistent with our vision, mission and core values.

We strive to build a reputation of being a trusted organization that conducts its business with integrity and in compliance with the laws and regulations under which we operate.


Our activities are implemented in a responsible, organized and safe manner, so that human life and health, the external and internal environment, and material assets are safeguarded and not damaged. Health, safety and environment is an integral part of our business activities.

As an organization we strive to live by the following principles:

  • Maintaining a good physical and mental working environment for all employees and take responsibility for ourselves and others
  • Working systematically to understand and manage risk, by integrating HSE in planning, organization, execution, control and maintenance at all levels in our activities
  • Setting realistic, measurable and attainable HSE targets for business to actively prevent injuries and occupational hazard among employees
  • Developing knowledge, skills and attitudes of the individual to motivate and stimulate to actively influence improvement of safety and working environment in the workplace

HSE zero-objectives:

  • 0 events related to leakage of information managed by EPIM on behalf of members
  • 0 days of absence due to work related accidents or incidents
  • 0 days of absence related to illness or occupational injury


Our finance management prepares and discloses financial data that represents our financial position, results of operations and cash flows in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Main principles:

  • Preparing honest and meaningful financial plans, forecasts and analyses of business proposals
  • Ensuring that effective internal accounting and operating controls are maintained


As an organization we follow the ethical principles as outlined below:

  • Not being influenced by receiving favours nor do we try to improperly influence others by providing favours.
  • Not offering or accepting gifts, directly or indirectly, if it is not promotional items of minimal value, normally bearing a company logo and never offering to or accepting from any third party gifts such as money, loans, kickbacks or similar monetary advantages, whatever the value involved
  • Not offering or accepting hospitality such as social events, meals or entertainment if it does not have a clear business reason, and is within reasonable cost limits
  • If we want to pursue business opportunities that might be of interest to EPIM, informing our manager, who will seek a management decision as to whether or not EPIM wants to pursue the opportunity

Conflict of interest

We will always act in the best interests of EPIM and avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible. A conflict of interest occurs when personal interests of an employee, directly or indirectly, through someone closely related, compete with EPIM’s interests.

  • We do not compete with EPIM’ interests, nor take personal advantage of business opportunities that we discover during the course of our employment, unless EPIM expresses an obvious interest in pursuing such opportunity
  • If a conflict of interest situation has occurred or if an employee faces a situation that may involve or lead to such a situation this will immediately be disclosed to EPIM Executive Director, to resolve the situation in a fair and transparent manner.

The work place

Our work is based on respect for each other and is conducted according to the following principles:

  • Acting legally and honestly and apply by our management system and governing documents
  • Putting EPIM’s interests ahead of personal or other interests
  • Being loyal to each other and decisions that are made
  • Being trustworthy and base our work on well-documented facts
  • Respecting the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every employee and being committed to maintaining a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Therefore, employees must not discriminate on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or sexual orientation, or engage in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above or any other reason

IT security

All data and information, whether electronic, hardcopy or verbal, and regardless of whether it is related to internal or external issues, are handled confidentially. Confidentiality agreements are signed in advance with third parties, if the exchange of proprietary information is unavoidable as part of any negotiation or interaction.

Our information security policy document applies to all employees, inclusive temporary personnel, given access to all or parts of EPIM’s IT systems and equipment.

It should not be stored movies, music, photos or large files that are not job related in EPIM’s IT equipment or network. Storing of private documents on company network or laptop is limited to a minimum.

Illegal or non-compliant conduct

We take responsibility for ensuring that we all act with integrity in all situations. We report any practices or actions believed to be inappropriate under this document to our manager. If it is appropriate, in view of the nature of the reported matter, reports of violations may be made directly to a higher level.

Employees can safely report any illegal or non-compliant conduct, without risking reprisals, well assured that all complaints will be properly investigated.

The enabler

Enabling industry collaboration

Our purpose is to facilitate the best possible flow of information between operators, partners, authorities and other stakeholders on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, through innovative and cost efficient industry solutions.

We contribute to the operators achieving significant cost reductions, as our portfolio of services has an impact and synergy effects throughout the value chain.

Facilitating industry innovation from cradle to grave is one of our core capabilities.

Our main focus

Our main focus is sharing information in a standardized and secure manner, while supporting business and compliance requirements.

We carry out our day-do-day tasks on behalf of and together with our member companies and other relevant stakeholders. To succeed in capitalizing on opportunities provided through our services and solutions, we depend on a strong foundation in and involvement from our member companies.


IDC Energy Insights believes that the initiative launched by Exploration & Production (E&P) Information Management Association on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is an inspiring and innovative best practice collaboration — with License2Share, Norwegian Continental Shelf operators came together and solved shared challenges around licensing information management. 

IDC outlook on collaboration, September 2011 On License2Share

In a lifecycle perspective

We are an arena for member companies to introduce new ideas. Below is a description of the necessary steps for an idea to become an EPIM solution. We use the Prince II ® methodology for delivering our projects, in a lifecycle perspective.

From cradle to grave


Joint Venture Management

The responsible body for managing EPIM’s Joint Venture Management Domain solutions. The purpose of these solutions is to maintain “license to operate”, regulated by the Petroleum Act. EPIM offers solutions and processes for secure and effective interaction between the main actors on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
The Joint Venture Management Domain Advisory Board proposes an overall strategy and plan for EPIM’s IT services within the Joint Venture Management Domain.

Marit Bjordal (Joint Venure Management Domain Responsible)

An official communication and archiving tool for administrative interaction on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


A webmap solution to improve coexistence between the fishing, oil and seismic industries.


A guide to improve quality and provide easier access to relevant rules and regulations.

Resource Regulations

A service that enables efficient transfer of schedule data between planning tools

ILAP Schedule Exchange


The responsible body for managing EPIM’s QHSE Domain services. The purpose of these services is to enable an overview and reporting of QHSE information to operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the authorities.
The QHSE Advisory Board proposes an overall strategy and plan for EPIM’s services within the QHSE Domain.

Svein Håkon Fjelltun (QHSE Domain Responsible)

A national database for reporting emissions and discharges from oil and gas activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


A service for training providers to register training activity.

General Safety Training

Exploration & Production Subsurface

The responsible body for managing EPIM’s Exploration & Production Subsurface Domain services. The purpose of these services is to enhance quality and increase availability of production, drilling, geological and geophysical data.
The Exploration & Production Subsurface Advisory Board proposes an overall strategy and plan for EPIM’s services within the Exploration & Production Subsurface Domain.

Magnus Svensson (Exploration & Production Subsurface Domain Responsible)

A service providing a single point of interaction for operators to communicate reports both towards partners and authorities.


A service maintaining and enabling enhancements to common drilling and production reports.

Reporting Formats

A digital database for data from acquisition and development research to ensure a coordinated approach for work of common interest and value.

Norwegian Deepwater Programme

A solution for secure creation and submission of gas sales tax reports to the Norwegian Tax Authorities in order to be compliant according to Norwegian Tax and Petroleum law (§ 6 no 6) tax regulations.

Gas Sales Tax Reporting

A digital database for outcrop data.


Supply Chain Management

The responsible body for managing EPIM’s Supply Chain Management Domain services. The purpose of these services is to improve the quality of supply chain management through tracking equipment, easy acess to supplier information and quality assured equipment information.
The Supply Chain Management Advisory Board proposes an overall strategy and plan for EPIM’s services within the Supply Chain Management Domain.

Tormod Tønnesen (Supply Chain Management Domain Responsible)

A technical information repository for operators, contractors and suppliers.


A joint qualification system for suppliers to the oil and gas industry in Norway and Denmark.

Joint Qualification System

A solution to manage tracking information of cargo carrying units and their content.


A tool for requesting critical material between operators on the NCS.

Critical Material Requirement Project

A service enabling operators to outsource the whole marketing and sales process of surplus material to a professional third party sales organization with an extensive network to potential buyers

Surplus Marketplace Project



The responsible body for managing EPIM’s Infrastructure & Technology services. The purpose of these services is to provide infrastructure and other technical services across several of EPIM’s domains.

Egil André Knutsen (Operations Responsible) – operations@epim.no

A private cloud collaboration network, providing the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with an alternative delivery channel for critital information not desirable to transfer or publish via the Internet from a security and/or stability perspective.


A project for simplifying identity and access management in the oil and gas industry



Information Management & Enterprise Architecture

A service for browsing common technical information requirements.